Sunday, December 04, 2005


My friends and I went for a Yakitori bar in Noge. very small bar, only 10 seats. The name is Daruma. Only two stuff, An old man who seems over 80 years old(he is the Yakitori master. It said that he's been worked for about 40 years on an article in the net) and A guy who seems like his son.
I thought that I could take some photo but, The Yakitori was too delicious to take the photo. After taking only two photos, I gave up to do that any more. :-)) This Yakitori bar has no menu for the dishs, The stick(bamboo skewer) of Yakitori has been served one by one. The stuff pay attention to the speed of our eating, not staring, just glancing. When should we stop? just say that if you want. That easy.If you have something you don't like, just tell them. What did we bite? well, We've enjoyed those below.

->ginkgo nut
->This is a part of somewhere around chicken's hip. I think it would be called "hbone" in English.
->Japanese(Asia?) mushroom. very juicy and little hot(aigre?) flavor
->richly, stick to the tongue, very delicious
[Green pepper]
->there are miso sauce in it
[Buta bala]
->pork back ribs
[Gyuu tan]
->ox tongue. a little hot flavor
->I was dying to drink a glass of red wine
and so on...

I've noticed one smell sometimes. It's like thyme herb. The younger stuff's told me that the smell is from wood charcol. the yakitori is flavored lightly by it. About the alcohol, There is beer, Sake(cold or hot), white wine, and rose wine. I've never expected that there was rose wine in such a bar. Might be the younger stuff likes some. We didn't taste the wine, We prefer a hot sake then. Next time, we'll choose the wine. It would be interesting. I think rose wine go together with Yaktori.

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