Monday, April 03, 2006

Ludens in April

Sunday, April 1st, we went to a park to see cherry blossom this time. But, unfortunately, It's cloudy and windy. We had a picnic for a couple of hours and moved to a house.

After the cherry blossom viewing, We had a party in a house. On this occasion, Everybody ordered something from many places. Someone ordered from Kyoto, Someone ordered from Belgium, as a souvenir from his colleague. I ordered a cake and creme caramel from Hokkaidou, my acquaintance has a patisserie.

This is Tokoroten. tokoroten is made from a certain type of seaweed called tengusa. It's a sort of cold noodle. People like to eating it in summer. The way to eat differ from a region to another. In kanto area, people eat with vinger, soysauce and Japanese mustard, "Karashi". In Kansa, with syrup. quite different. In a region, people eat tokoroten with Katsuo soup and much grated ginger. All way is Ok for me. There is a tool for making tokoroten noodle at this time. set tokoroten into a box, there is some tighten string on the bottom of the box to make the noodle. The box is made with Hinoki, Japanese cypress. the smell was nice.

When I look at the watch, it's 10pm. We spent about 10 hours! We've eaten, drunk, chatted all day. Rapidly and gloriously the hours flew by. Some of us took a short breath and So did I...

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