Saturday, April 08, 2006

bourgogne in April

We've tasted 3 bottle of Bourgogne wine at this time.

I was late 1 hour. The other have already tasted a cava, a champagne and a Bourgogne as I've reached. One of us brought this champagne, De Sousa. This is my most favorite champagne. it was rose and it's quite nice smell at the night! The cava also was nice one!

The bourgogne we've opened were Denis Moret "Marsannay 1999", Mèo Camuzet "Nuits Saint Georges 1996" and Domaine Serafin Père et Fils "Chambolle Musigny 1996".
I liked Mèo Camuzet and Denis Moret at the night. Ofcourse, Chambolle Musigny was nice too. but it might be little faster to taste, because the smell was little weak. this wine could've more strong scent, some of us said. we might need the time to taste it. All wine were nice balanced wines anyway.

This is a Loire wine. it's made with Pineau dAunis. it's spicy and very natural taste. One of us has described it smells like white papper.

This Okowa was fantastic, very tasty! Okowa is a type of steamed rice dish which is the mixture white rice and mochi-gome(glutinous rice) with some vegetables, mushroom, chicken and etc, There is a Okowa named Kuri-Okowa too. Kuri is Chestnut. Mochi is made from mochi-gome. The percentage of the rices and the other ingredient s are different from each cookers. It's said that Okowa was the rice dish by steaming since about Nara era. But Today, people cook it by boiling or steaming. As you know, We eat boiled white rice as a staple food.


Iris said...

A very nice choice of wines once again - it's a pity, that Denis Mortet killed himself some weeks ago.... and good to know, that his wines will go on telling his art in winemaking.

hikalu said...

Yeah, I've heard of that. I'm sorry that he's gone. I've heard of that some people suicide in winter in somewheres especially. What brings them to suicide in winter? Sad..
I hope that I have a chance to drink his wine again.