Sunday, May 14, 2006

Frederic Cossard

We've tasted 5 bottles of Domaine Chassorney on Saturday.

Firstly, Chassornade. It's a cute bottle. I've seen a similar bottle of lemonade in a store before. It tastes little sweet and sparkling. It's a nice wine to start, but it's not easy to buy it. I will choose it on a nice occasion or situation. I meant not special occasion. I'd rather to open it in a casual party with old friends.

We've tasted "Combe Bazin", Saint Romain next. Nice smell and a nice acidy wine. Fristly, I didn't know how to describe the smells, but I think it's like pineapple after minutes. The smell kept nicely while through the tasting party. I liked it very much.

"Le ban 2004", Hautes cotes de beaune. I smelt like berrys and cacao like chocolate, yeah that's chocolate.

"Sous Roche 2004", Saint romain. I've got a feeling that it's different from "le ban". I smelt like berrys and herb like mint, or something greenness lightly. Well, I don't know how to describe it.

"Clos des argillieres 2003", Huits saint georbes. nice acidity, some of us lauded this wine, because it was 2003, very terrible heat wave. en general, the grape lacked acidity at that year. but this wine was not. very nice balanced.

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