Monday, February 12, 2007


Napoletana, a old coffee machine in Italy. people used to brew coffee somewhere in Italy. It's made of alumium. I've been looking for this nice lovely cute machine for a while. and found it. it's very simple. I used to Bialetti, but I'm gonna like Napoletana too.

Pour water into the pot with no spout, and put the filter on it. add fine grind coffee beans into the filter, and put on the lid. then, unite the other pot with spout.

As boiling water, reverse the napoletana. the boiling water dripping through the filter little by little. It will take about 6 or 7 min.

This is the way to make espresso crema. Pour little coffee liquid you've brew into some sugar, and mixing well with spoon till look like the picture. you can make a kind of crema with the paste. Someone told me that way. After all, if you like, just add some milk. I like add little milk when I make coffee with napoletana.

There is a lid. you can keep the rest and heat up again. convenience, huh?


Iris said...

I had the same machine for years - we liked it very much - you dont need filters, no waste! We put it on the stove to keep the coffee warm, but I think, as it was an old machine of alluminium, this was not so good for our stomachs and our health - the acid of the coffee and the metal had some reactions.I makes me rasther nostalgic to see it on your blog!

hikalu said...

yeah, no need filters! and very simple structure. I like this way. I've heard of that aluminum is bad for our health. I've even heard of that it's a cause of Alzheimer for years ago. but.., I liked the design. There is nothing that I like in stainless napoletana. and it's said that aluminum is better than stainless to brew tasty coffee.
and the coffee beans, yeah, it's oxidized soon after roasting coffee beans. I can't drink much and usually, I don't wanna drink canned coffee nor milled beans. Tea is better to my stomach, I think.
Nostalgic? well, I like those nostalgic item sometimes.