Sunday, February 11, 2007

bath relaxing

for relax and relieving fatigue. I've got the stiffness of everywhere in my body, neck, head, eyes, shoulders, back, legs. Over 2 years has already pasted and didn't get rid of it yet. So that, I usually take a bath to relieve fatigue. Those goods are useful for that. nice smell too.


Iris said...

I wish you a good improvement of your health with all that! The weleda products are very well known in Germany and France - they follow biodynamic principals in their préparations and controle of ingrediances.

hikalu said...

Thank you for the comment. well, My disease is getting little better than last Autumn at my worst. I've still been struggling to get rid of my disease though, I feel that it's possible to be cured now. I have to be cautious yet. I like weleda products too. There were some products of weleda in an organic and natural shop when I found at the first.