Sunday, February 18, 2007

wine tasting party in January.

We've tasted Gerard Schueller's wine. All were fabulous wines. One of them was a little closed though. We've completely enjoyed the tasting.

a vine mousseux, pino gri. taste dry, but the smell was wonderful. honey and a little nutty.

the Riesling wine that couldn't be allowed to name a AOC. I don't believe that at all. it's not usual Riesling I've known. I can't believe why this fabulous wine wasn't allowed a AOC.

2003, Gewurztraminer Cubée particuliérre. wonderful. it's almost like a perfume. smell flowery.

This wine was unfortunately completely closed. I've been told it was a cause of reduction or something. I caught a burning smell at first, but not bouchonné that I've been told before. That's sorry. we've tasted it after hours and it's little better. I think it's better tomorrow.

superb! That's more like it!! That's what I was waiting for tonight. I liked this particular wine!


Iris said...

I love the Schueller wines - and Bruno, who already visited me at Lisson, is a very sympathetic and passionated winemaker. We had his sparkling wine for the new year and the two last bottles of the N012 Pinot of 1998 and 1999 some days ago: they were excellent!

hikalu said...

Yeah, I love his wine. you know what? I've heard of that he is coming to Japan for the participant. It would be nice if I could listen his story.
Recently, a wine maker has visited at Japan, and he used to work in Bruno's winery. his name is Pascal Simonutti. he makes wine in Loire. I like his wine too.

Iris said...

If Bruno comes to Japon, give him my kindest regards (from Iris of Lisson) - he will be surprised:-)))

I know the name of Pascal Simonutti, but I haven't tasted his wines yet.

hikalu said...

Ah! nice surprise! Well, I think it's impossible to join the event with him. it's for the wine participant. but I wanna hear his reaction then. I will ask my favorite wine shop owner to say the message from you. That's gonna be fun!