Monday, February 19, 2007


I've bought 2 CD yesterday. The left CD is The Chris Stamey, and the other is Nicola Kramer. I don't know both. Why did I buy it? well, Chris Stamey is a music producer and he's made some CD of Yo la tengo(that's one of my favorites) before and this album, That Yo la tengo joined with Chris. Just a gamble, but somehow, I smelt it could be a good album, and it didn't let me down at all. that's just as I expected!
and about Nicola Kramer, I didn't know it either. but I've grabbed it as I've listen some sample. Her voice is cool, breezy. something like soulful, but she is a white singer. I thought those fabulous songs I know were sung by black singers. but this is not at least. I caught an old familiar scent of something, old music? but it's not. might be, she knows and like some sounds that I like. a good album!

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