Sunday, March 04, 2007

after dinner.

I've eaten out yesterday. I ate salad and orecchiette with pancetta and sedano rape(celery root). the taste was mild and makes me relief. I think it was the first time to eat celery root though, texture is like turnip or potato. and smell little celery. and little celery seed spread on it. a savory dish!
After dinner, I drunk a cocoa. this cocoa is very thicken, more like a potage. it's served with spoon. Actually, I ate it. nice feeling on the tongue. and sipped little grappa. it reminded me the grappa I've bought. funnyly this grappa was made by the same brewer, Berta. I ate a Gianduiotto,my favorite caffarel chocolate, on my way home. It was a happy dinner.


Iris said...

celery root is very popular as a starter "crudité" salad in french menues - as well as in Germany or Italy, I think. You may prepare it either raw, grated, like carottes, with a oil and vinegar sauce, or with a creme sauce. Or you may cook it first and slive it into small pieces as a salad. It also goes into main dishes as soupes, or pot au feu, often with carottes and leeks.

Your thick cocoa: is it hot chocolat?

Did you like your Tourone too?

I love sweets!

hikalu said...

Now, I see that celery root is popular in Europe. The restaurant owner told me it's not popular in japan and it's a pain to get it. need to import it from somewhere.

About thick cocoa, It's a Italian hot chocolat. I felt the texture is the same as a smooth potage.

Yes, I like Tourone too. but it depends. Some of them I've eaten before were not good. This one was nice.

I don't eat much than sweets lovers though, I love sweets too!