Monday, March 05, 2007

potato and turnip

There are some vegetables my mother grow in my apartment. and This time, there are some turnips left yet. So that I cook my meal with turnips sometimes. Recently, My favorite is to using turnip and potato.

A chicken soup with potato and turnips. I added the thickness with starch. I dropped sesami oil at the end.

I've tried to cook a orecchiette with mashed sausage, potato and turnips. I made it as a cream sauce with butter, mashed potato, hard flour and little milk. it's not the same as the superb pasta I've eaten last Friday dinner though, but it's not bad as a home cooking, I think. but I should get the pasta better next time.

Mansenoble 2003, rouge. a Langudoc wine. the brewer used to be a wine critic in Belgium. I feel an affinity with this winery. The madam treats us a lunch in our wine tour in 2002. This time, It smelt berry, herb, fig, and flower. taste nice light tannin and juicy. easy to swallow but strong alcohol, Because the liquid was thicker. I've told that the alcohol can be stronger if the liquid was thicker. you can see that by twirling(correct?) the glass. a nice wine!

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