Friday, August 10, 2007


I sipped a shot of genevers, Bols. It's a gin flavored juniper berry and some. It be stored in freezer.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Hikaru!

Does it tastes totally different from other kinds of gin? I have no idea of this taste from your comment which is said, flovared juniper berry and some. I'm only sure this is not sweet, though.
I'm gonna try it shortly anyway.
Gin is the best!! (for me) :)


hikalu said...

Hi Harumi-san!

It tastes the same as usual gin basically. but the smelling is stronger and wilder. This gin, Netherlands(Holland?) gin, is produced in the late 16th century, which means genevers(jenever) is the original of The common gin like dry gin(London gin).
This type of gin is often matured for a few years in an oak cask. so that the color is little yellow like whiskey.