Thursday, August 09, 2007

tommrow lunch box

I cooked simmered small Iwashi(sardine). and I also cooked simmered pork liver and nira(garlic oriental chive). Usually, people stir-fries them. But I wanted to use them without oil, so that I simmered them with soy-sauce, mirin, sake. I microwaved whole Nira chive without cutting, because Recenlty, a NHK TV program,"Tameshite Gatten" , said that microwave is very useful not to miss the vitamins in Nira and taste sweeter than cooking them after cutting. I've also heard of that leek(Welsh onion) should be burned whole without cutting to get more sweet taste. It's similar. On the contrary, the base of Nira should be finely-chopped, because the TV said that finely-chopped the base of Nira is more allicin. it is the same material as garlic's. allicin increases our stamina, you know.

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