Wednesday, August 01, 2007

hanabi(firework) 2007

We've watched firework in Minato-Mirai, Yokohama. There are lots of people and very crowded. I was lucky to watch it from my sister's apartment. I tried to take some photos, but it was very difficult, and I ended up giving up and I just enjoyed watching the beautiful firework. It held only 1hour though, it was great. One of big events in Japan summer.


harumi said...

Hi Hikaru!
It was great to see you and all your family for a long time at the day of firework. Good to know you are doing well so far.
Firework was absolutely beautill and impressive, wasn't it??
Hopefully your sister will invite me again also for next year.
By the way, can I say something to you ?? I recommend to change your current job to be a chef!! I was so surprised how much you really love cooking like this. I guess you are the best cooker compare to me and all your sisters. What do you say?? All your recipe which is showed here should be my reference cooking book from now on.
Thanks, Hikaru!!

hikalu said...

Hi Harumi-san!
Thank you for the comment. The firework was awesome, indeed. I couldn't take nice shot. It was very difficult, I should've got a San-kyaku(tripod stand?). My sister will welcome to you next year.
I'm glad and get little embarrassed that you compliment me about my cooking. I like easy-cooking like pasta, nimono, and soup. Do you recommend to change my current job? Nah, I can't be a chef. The chef's job is very hard and needs physical energy. I can't image that I work in that situation. I'm a home chef at best.