Sunday, September 02, 2007


I opened a red wine in Loire, Pascal Simonutti, gamay. The wine shop owner tole me this gamay is named gamay-chardonnay or something. that wasn't chardonnay, but sounds like it. It's said one of gamayT relatives. I couldn't find the detail on the net.. Anyway, this wine was gamay. taste naturally. I ate pasta with it. the pasta was Linguine piccole with clams and broccoli sauce. I added a half peace of potato because it was a leftover. the potato get the sauce little thicker. it's not bad.


翼のおれたエンジェル said...

Dear Hikalu

You've made me think of pasta and wine so vividly that I am going straight to the kitchen and prepare some fusigli right now.

Nice blog!

hikalu said...

Hi, I wonder what kinda food fusigli is. fusilli? Anyway, have a nice meal.