Wednesday, September 05, 2007

kiriboshi daikon

Kiriboshi daikon is one of popular Japanese dried vegetables. It's a dried shredded daikon radish. People soak it with water for 10 or 20min, and usually use it as simmered dish(Nimono) or salad(sunomono). This product is produced in cold winter. I cooked sunomono with it tonight. I mixed it with carrot, and cut kombu(edible kelp cut tangle). and I boiled down the water that kiriboshi daikon soaked. it become sweeter, because, this daikon includes sweetness. You know, Champagne is added some sugar to go second fermentation. that sugar is made from ond of Daikon. Didn't you know that? I've been told this by champagne winery. Anyway, the liquid became sweeter. and I added su(Japanese vinegar), mirin, nam pla, and Szechuan hot bean paste in the liquid. and I made sure that this sauce tastes okay, and I dressed with it.

I also cooked simmered livers and gizzard with soy-sauce, sake, mirin, and water. and I added little balsamic vinegar.

Tonight drink was Belgian beer, Leff Brune Bruin. Yeah, I knew I loved this beer!

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