Friday, October 12, 2007

aged sake

Usually, people drink sake in a year, but There are some aged sake like wine. This sake is aged in 2 years. and tonight sake is little higher alcohol than usual. It still tastes fresh. I've tasted 30 years aged sake before, That tasted sherry, but This wasn't that aged ones. It still has rice taste.
And I cooked a Arani tonight as Tsumami(a kinda nibble food with alcohol). Ara means the part of a fish which is useless, Mainly the head. but this part is still eatable and you can eat it by simmering. Arani is a popular Japanese meal. Usually, It costs about 300yen per one head, which means very cheep. and The head has collagen. I think It's a healthy meal.
The fish meat like this needs to pour boiled wwater to rid the strong fish aroma. and simmered in sake(for cooking) and sugar for 8 minutes. after that, add Mirin and Soy-sauce and simmer till the liquid get thicken. Basically, The taste is salty-sweet. You should ladle up the sauce and pour the fish meat sometimes while simmering.

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