Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I've opened the sake(genshu) that I bought last weekend from Kidoizumi brewery. It's made from the rice called "sasanishiki". There is a sake made from the rice, "yamda nishiki", but I prefer sasanishiki. yamada nishiki is little too pure for me. Sasanishiki has many tastes and little wilder. I prefer that at this time. It smelt like melon and caramel sometimes, tasty, and nice sweetness and acidty. nice balanced. The genshu is stronger than usual sake, about 19 to 20%. I've sipped it with two cheeses tonight, baratte and bleu des causses. baratte is petit goat cheese and tasted more salty than usaul, because it's aged. but It went together with genshu. Blue was also wonderful, mild taste, I think the beginner would love it.

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