Saturday, February 16, 2008

wine tasting in Feb 2008

We, this time three of us, tasted 3 bottles of wine. The first one was Petalma, an Australian wine, the second was melon, marc pesnot, the last one was corton, Domaine pavelot. Melon was superb. It's much better year by year. I really wonder how on the earth he can make this divine wine. The petalma was also nice and the impression was tropical fruits and nice acidity, but after tasted melon, It turned to Rubber(petrol?) note that people describe about Riesling. That's little sorry for me. The corton was nice vanilla flavor, but I thought It could be nicer though.
The cheese was a nice color washed cheese. It tasted silky, milky, and soften nice feeling of the tongue.

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