Monday, February 25, 2008

Simonutti yellow label 2004

The cépage was Chenin blanc. It has much but soft acidity, nice mineral and little bitterness. It smells little flowery, it reminds me tiny white flowers. and it reminds me the scent of goat cheese or just wanna eat goat cheese as I'd sipped the wine. perhaps my description wasn't good, But I've got the feeling like that. When I've tasted a chenin blanc, it smelt like tropical fruits, but this wine wasn't. It's different. There is the same feeling(analogy?) when I taste the wine which made by the people like Pascal Simonutti. Since I drunk many wines like this, people calls "Biodynamic" or something Organic, Somehow, I hardly care much what the varieties are. I just enjoy wines. Tonight, I ate simmered vegetables(potato, carrot, and onion) with the bone of Bacon, Because It was cheep and easy to enjoy the dinner with wine. I put much mustards on them. There is much soup left, I will drink the soup or make a soup pasta with it tomorrow.

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