Wednesday, September 24, 2008

petit jo

I've open this wine yesterday dinner, la roche buissiere, petit jo. It tasted juicy and after minutes, It smelt like nut liqueur or Amaretto. It's easy to drink. The consultant is Yann Rohel who is also a vignoron around Rhone and beaujolais. I drunk it with saute of chicken.


pondlife said...

Hi, I'm Pondlife... Je suis Pondlife. Je suis Anglais mais je habite en France. J'aime bien le bon vin... et les vins pas trop bien!


Found your blog from Jag's ""

hikalu said...

Hi pondlife. Thank you for the comment. You live in France now? It would nice. I love the atmosphere of France. Especially countryside.
What wine exactly do love to drink? I like the wine which doesn't make me bored. You know what I mean?