Saturday, January 03, 2009

Kyoto part2

This is a traditional meal in the begging of the year. We call it "Osechi". I don't there is that kinda of traditional meal in the world though, It's kinda Turkey day? There are little different type of meal from prefecture to prefecture. In my family, We cook Ozoni(a soup with mochi) with katsuo bushi base(bonito). It a clear plain soup. In Kyoto, People cook the soup with shiro-miso. shiro-miso is white color and have little sweetness. They add satoimo, zouni-daikon(Japanese small thin radish) and round shaped mochi. Our family use chicken and rectangle shaped(cut) mochi. It was the first time to eat Kyoto version. and I loved it. some people never used to eat it if they don't live in Kyoto and Kansai area.

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