Saturday, January 03, 2009

Kyoto part3

You would think these photos are paintings. But They were fabrics called "Nishijin-Ori"(Nishijin textile). A relative of my friend have many those fabrics by some reasons. He is a Hyogu-shi. I've heard that there are less artisan who make this textile these days. The relative has exhibited them in a room in a small building, but he wanna use the room for other things. So He said he wanna sell them to someone who likes those kind of craft products. It's been several decades, so that they are kinda secondhand articles. He insisted they weren't art objects nor antique, little old craft products. but They may come to be a valuable craft after several decades, because there is the artisan decreasing.

The right photo were reverse side. All products were made like this by hands. I think It would take really long time to complete.

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