Tuesday, April 21, 2009

weekday wines

I've tasted these wines for several days. Chablis and Saint Chinian. The Chablis was nice. acidity, fruity, mineral, and smell of barrel? I love this cozy wine. Saint Chinia was also nice. It's been mature, but I enjoyed this wine for three days. The third day was also nice smell like Amaretto or nut nut liqueurs. I loved it too.


Estellle Platini said...

Hello Hikalu,
To me Chablis should not typically taste of toffee (from new oak) but i like it to taste of moss (maybe from old barrel).

hikalu said...

Hello Estellle,
I don't like toffee much. I prefer old barrel. I think this chablis didn't smell that strong oak. I think you like it.