Saturday, May 02, 2009

weekend wines

The first week in March in Japan, People can get some days off. We call it "Golden week", meaning like wonderful days off? Anyway, We are looking forward to this week in every year. So, I opened some wines without the anxiety of tomorrow work! The left was an Italian white wine. It smelt like the scent of a perfume, flowery, and bitterness. I loved it. the right was pino. I wonder why the name was "clos blanc"? Was this place used to made the grape for white wine? This wine had nice acidity even though I've heard of 2003 was quite hotter than usual. I wanna try this once more, but there seems hard to find it in Japan.


Iris said...

I looked it up on the internet for you: they tell, that it seem to come from the fact, that when they replanted the plot after the phyloxera, the soil seemed to be more clear (white) in color, than the reste, so they called it "clos blanc". It's a 1ier Cru in Pommard, Côte de Beaune.

hikalu said...

Bonjour Iris, I hope you've been fine. and thank you for that you looked up the reason. I've never expected that it means the color of the soil in the plot. Recently, I had chances to taste some Pommard and I've sometimes got the feeling the wine has the scent of pencil or iron. I don't why. Could it be a character of Pommard?