Sunday, April 16, 2006

Alsace in April

We've tasted Alsace wines on the Saturday, Bruno Schuellers, ones of my favorite Alsace wines. I've heard of that he is a unique wine maker. Because he acts up to his opinions and ideals. Gérard, his father is too. It is likly that A.O.C,INAO, Bio is not important factor for them. I like that.

First of all, We've tasted this one. Le verre est dans le fruit, Riesling. I've heard of that this grape is made in a grand cru estae named the hill of peach(or fruit?). But this wine didn't allow to call as Grand cru by INAO's check. It's said that it isn't like Alsace wine... But he doesn't seem to care about that. I don't know what is like Alsace wine, and I like his wine at least. Firstly, I've got a feeling of fruits, nice acidy. I can't describe what it is though. I'm very surprised and happy to experience another side of the scents of Riesling. After a couple of hour, I can smell the same as the usual great other Riesling wines.
By the way, How could I describe of the title, "Le verre est dans le fruit"?

Bildstoeckle, Gewurztraminer, Nice smell and I've also got a feeling of mineral or something, and acidy. Some of us prefered Le verre est dans le fruit.

Pino noir. It's nice balanced. Firstly, I smelt like chestnuts, honney, fruit. Usually, I hardly smelt those scent in red wne, but I've got that feeling somehow. Might be wrong description. After turn around(correct?), I smelt like Ume & Katsuo. and nice acidy.

It's more condensed than the first pino. nice balanced too. but the scent wasn't stronger than the first one. I could be more nicer.

1999, Particuliere. It's different character from the two pino noir we've already tasted. It's aged nicely. The color was brighter then the other. but the scent was richer. I can't describe it . but I liked it.

le chant de Oiseaux, 2001. It's similar in nature to Particuliere. and it's better than that, I think. But Tonight, 6 bottle was enough for me. My nose and tongue was insensible. I can't describe anymore. We should've open it next time. it's said that le chant de Oiseaux is a particular plat. Many birds came here to pick the grape which means quite nice quality. This wine wasn't made in every years. They make this wine in a particular year.

One of us brought choux-croute because she had said that she had no chance to open the pot in her house.


Iris said...

what a beautiful range of Bruno Schuellers white wines!(Gérard, who is on the labels, is his father) It must have been a great tasting.

I like his wines very much and we exchange bottles from time to time.

And you had a choux-croute avec, how funny!

I'm curious to read your comments.

Iris said...

I forgot that you had even his Pinots - the ones I like most of all Alsace Pinots I know! He works with very few sulphur too, which allowes a pure fruit aroma for these bottles.

hikalu said...

Yeah, We had a quite nice opportunity to taste his wines at one night. His wine is natural. All wines, I've got a feeling of fruit and flower.