Monday, February 26, 2007


levain means wild yeast to bake bread in French. I've bought those breads in my favorite boulangerie, "levain". It's located in Tomigaya in Tokyo. near Yoyogi-kouen st on Chiyoda subway line. The bigger bread is "pain de campagne". and the other bread is pain aux noix et cerise, including many nuts and cherries inside. Basically, the bread made with levain has a slightly sour taste. I love the bread like this!


Iris said...

a real bread - congratulations, hikalu, I would be very happy if I could find a bread like that around here in the south of France!

hikalu said...

yeah, I love the bread like that. I buy pain de campagne in the boulangerie when I have a time. There are some nice boulangeries in Tokyo. and little in Yokohama. I've heard of that one of them uses flour import from France. I don't know it's necessity to even use it. little expensive though..