Sunday, April 22, 2007


We've enjoyed a small wine tasting party. Tonight Theme was pino noir. Only Bourgogne wines though. It was fun. It would be more fun if we can taste them with the wine of the other countries though, there are less people. That's that.

First of all, We've relieved our thirst with a Champagne, Louis Picamelot. Just the shop owner was given by somebody. It's dry taste. It's nice start.

Nuits Saint George 2001, Les Fleurieres, Jean Jacques Confuron. The shop owner said it's one of old wineries. the color became lighter and the edge was already little orange, even though it past only 6 years.

Nuits saint georges 2000, aux crots, Domane Gachot Monot. younger winery. I've heard of that the vigneron is 30's and he used to get rid of cancer before. now, he is fine and wokring hard to make nice wine. I prefer this one to the earlier one. more tasty. It's only my description though, after a while, somehow, I can smell like mint from this wine. Is my nose wrong? only after flavor though. Does that happen in Pino Noir wines? It's the first time to get that smell in Pino Noir. Well, it's might be something wrong with my nose. Of course, no mint in foods.

Chambolle musigny 2001, Confuron. It smelt like coffee. and more tasty then earlier ones. the color was the same light as earlier ones. but the edge wasn't the same color as the Nuits saint georges 2001. Somehow, I forgot to take the picture. Perhaps, I will get it from somebody later.

Gevrey chambertin, Serafin pere & fils 1999. This is the most tasty tonight. still more acidity, tannin than the other, even it's the oldest wine of all tonight. seems still younger. very strong wine, I think.

Those honey are souvenir from one of us. she went to Paris for only one day by some reason. anyway, nice sounenir. I've given miel de chataignier. it's a chestnut honey, right? I'm looking forward to tasting it.

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