Monday, September 08, 2008

the end of summer

the summer has almost gone while I've been busy. I went a seaside last weekend for a BBQ. It's still hot, but There are less people, so that It's a good time to enjoy BBQ and sunbath.


Iris said...

nice to see and read you back again. Around here, summer is over too, we are in the middle of harvest. With weather very unstable, its not easy this year. Temperatures are quite down and we are hoping that grapes will get still enough sun to ripen slowly. Have a nice automn with lots of good wine and food!

hikalu said...

Hi Iris. Thank you for the comment. Oh, the temperature is unstable over there? I hope this year is good for your grapes and making wine. Yeah, I'm looking forward to autumn with wines and foods! Have a nice autumn too.